I'm in Mr. Garcia's math Class. He made this awesome website to help students.

We both used to be afraid of Math. But not anymore thanks to Mr. Garcia and this website.

The Next Patrick Mahomes.

Joe Kapp- Super Bowl IV - January 11, 1970

This website even has a mobile version. I can use it on my Iphone.

Look here, this is where to get help for that type of Algebra problem.

Easter Sunday- eating a chocolate Rabbit.

SAT & ACT test prep. This is going to make getting into college as easy as Pi

The winning catch against the Saints in the playoffs 2019.

That's me working at a high school in San Jose, California.

Captain Davila & Me in 1990.

Rebecca & Raquel Age- 8

Randy Moss- Catching a Largemouth Bass on Christmas day 2019.

Randall McDaniel- HOF Offensive Guard

Wide Receiver Coach -1997 Ball Tornadoes

First 9th Grade Team I coached in 1997. Record 9-1

That's me tutoring a friend of mines son in Geometry. Topic was graphing polygons in the coordinate plane.

Skol Vikings !

Nice Bass caught.

Welcome to Minnesota, Land of 10,000 lakes.

Passing through Kansas on my way to Minnesota.

Temperature in Laredo one day. I think it might be a little warm. What do you think?

Welcome to Florida, Bass Capitol of the USA

Broncos @ Raiders in Oakland

My late Father & Grandmother

My late Father & Grandfather

Me and my two Brothers at my Fathers Funeral

Vikings's Camera Man

My Dad and some important people in my life.

My Dad and some cousins.

Welcome to Missouri

Randy Moss Exhibit at Vikings Museum

First Football Team - Age 8

6th Grade Footbbal Team- # 16

2014 Football Team in California

During a time out. Defensive Coordinator

Dad , me and my brother.

Me at Disney Land in California

I really do love Algebra.

I'm looking for something to eat. Anyone have a worm.

Leopard Shark

Don't be afraid to ask for help?

What's up ?

Don't mess with me?

Are you talking to me?

Hanging out with a few of my friends.

Hanging out with a few of my friends.

Leopard Shark caught on Christmas Day in California 2010

Me and the great Bob Lurtzema - Purple People Eaters

Charging Wildcats

North Little Rock High

Little Rock, Arkansas

North Little Rock High School

Outside North Little Rock High

Ti 84 Calculator

Packers @ Vikings 2018

Me at that game won by the Vikings.

Touchdown Vikings! Minneapolis Miracle.

Richfield High School in Minnesota.

Do I need to say more.

Entering Oklahoma

Edmond, Oklahoma

Car I drove in High School. 1976 Cheverlet Impala

1st Motorcycle purchased when I went into the United States Air Force.

2nd Motorcycle in the Air Force. 1979 Honda CB 650

First Car bought in 1982. Honda Civic 5 Speed Manual

2nd Car owned , 1990 Ford Escort GT four speed manual

Third Car owned. 1998 Honda Civic EX- 5 speed manual

Fourth Car owned 2013 Honda Civic 5 - speed manual

Casio G-Shock watch. The only way to fly.

Shakopee High School, Minnesota

Vikings Training camp - 2017

Viking Mascot- Vikings Training Camp 2015

My Step Mom and my Four Aunts.

Me and my Dad during the Christmas Holidays.

Dr. Jose G. Garcia- "Rest in Peace, We love you"

Dad working in the Pentagon in washington, DC.

Dad getting a a promotion to Colonel in the Army.

Whataburger in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Putnam City High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chaska High School in Minnesota

Abraham Lincoln High School in San Jose, California

James Logan High School in California

Bret Harte Middle School in Hayward, California

Raymond S. Kellis High School in Glendale, Arizona

Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, California

San Mateo High School in California

Gilroy High School in California

Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton, Colorado

Montbello High School in Denver, Colorado

Westminster High School in Colorado

Adams City High School in Commerce City, Colorado

Galveston Ball High School in Texas, Go Tors!

Willowridge High School in Houston, Texas

Del Rio Freshmen School in Del Rio Texas

Freeport Intermediate School in Texas

Bass Pro Shops in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Frogger at Mall of America

Jake's Stadium Pizza in Mankato, Minnesota

Paw Patrol in Mall of America

Diego in Bunsville, Minnesota

Sponge Bob Square Pants at the Mall

Outside U. S. Bank Stadium

Fun at the Mall of America

A Tiny Viking fan

Prince in Burnsville, Minnesota

Doing some Algebra at Mall of America

Bear in Burnsville, Minnesota

Outside Eden Prairie Mall in Minnesota

Fried Pickles at the Minnesota State Fair

Veterens Memorial Highway

I agree with this statement.

University of Houston- Go Cougars

Skol Vikings !

Ed White Elementary- Grade 5

Seabrook Intermediate School- Grades 6,7,8

Clear Lake High School- Go Falcons!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



San Jose, California

Phoenix, Arizona

San Jose, California

Boulder, Colorado

Albuquerque, New Mexico

El Paso, Texas

Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

Keesler AFB Biloxi, Mississippi

Clear Lake Near Nasa Space center.

Fort Dix New Jersey- Army Base in New Jersey

I was born in Pennsylvania

My Step Mom's current home.

My Mom's current Home.

House I grew up in, 5th Grade through High School.

University of Phoenix - in Denver, Colorado

University of Colorado @ Denver

University of Texas-El Paso

University of Houston- Clear Lake

My future looks bright today. Nothing can stop me from fulfilling my dreams.

Southwest Illinois College

Blinn College

Me and Vikings legendary Running Back- Chuck Foreman

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp 2015- Mankato, MN

View from my seat when I attend Vikings games.

Viking Cheerleaders at Mall of America

At the Vikings Office in 2015, Edene Prairie, Minnesota

Fun Math Games. I'm glad my older brother showed me this website.

Newest Viking Fan

Geometry Summer School Students on a break in San Jose, California

Student at Kellis High School in Glendale, Arizona

Minneapolis Miracle

Me in Laredo

Walleye caught in Colorado

This website is full of great resources. Way to go Mr. G.

This website is awesome.

I'm speechless on how simple that was to solve.

When in doubt, always remember to Think Purple!

I feel ready for the Geometry Test. Thanks for studying with me.

Largemouth Bass caught in the California Delta.

Vikings Training Camp 2015

Here that's how you solve that kind of Math problem.

I told you this would help with your assignment.

I guess Mr. Garcia is right. I really think I can go to college.

Beautiful Place

That's Me Age - 1

Just Do it

Dad hiking in Switzerland.

I caught a large-Mouth Bass and that my friends is my final answer.



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